IQ vision is a specialized integrator in the field of dynamic visual communication or 'digital signage'. We develop innovative products and provide professional solutions using image processing, geomatics and visualization technologies to create industrial applications.

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IQ vision has recognized experience in 2D and 3D data visualization and in high resolution and/or large dataset image processing. IQ vision also offers innovative design concepts in providing solutions built on Linux open systems featuring robust wired or wireless network communications.

Our specialization is a continuation of the experience acquired in the development of technical and scientific software in visualization and geomatics technology.


Specialized in graphics, visualization and large dataset image manipulation, IQ vision develops innovative products and offers services integrating the following technologies:

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- Data visualization methods and processes.
- Multimedia format optimization and conversion.
- Intuitive user interface design.
- Unix, Linux and Microsoft operating systems.
- Hardware architectures featuring wired and wireless networking.
- Integration of visualization solutions.


IQ vision is developing business relationships with selected partners.

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The production and design agency A2D is a contemporary industrial designer for firms. Yo Visual was designed by Michel Cadestin who is the Principle Designer at A2D.   www.a2d-design.com

IQ vision is developing a partnership with URW++ the world leading font designers. URW++ supplies all IQ vision Display standard font sets to guarantee the highest standards of legibility.  www.urw.de

In the monitor field, IQ vision partners with the major suppliers and distributors, in order to offer the widest possible range of very high quality displays.  www.sonybiz.net
IQ vision recommends Sony high resolution flat panels.

IQ vision Display features a specific interface with the Agence France Presse data in order to automatically process the AFP news.  www.afp.com

IQ vision Display provides a direct access to the Digital Vision online image databank in order to create visual presentations enhanced with professional quality images.  www.digitalvision.co.uk