IQ vision Display

The first intelligent display
system that does it all, easily!

IQ vision Display is a standalone Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS) packaged into a compact case and designed to manage and broadcast Public Information Display (PID) in public places or private areas.  [...more...]

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Sample messages designed with IQ vision Display

International languages

Large and small fonts

High resolution pictures


Benefits of IQ vision Display? How it compares with general purpose desktop computers? What are the strengths of the IQ vision Display solution? What is the cost of operating IQ vision Display?...
The answers to your questions...  [...more...]

Dedicated to the operation of dynamic digital signage, IQ vision Display enables easily designed messages suitable for broadcasting relevant information without prior knowledge of advanced computer skills.

Latest news...

IQ vision Display: 2nd generation...


The latest IQ vision Display comes with many improvements including video support, distance display monitoring, and advanced support for international languages.  [...more...]

IQ vision goes Middle-East


Valiant International, head- quartered in Dubai, UAE, promotes and distributes dynamic digital signage IQ vision Display systems in the Middle-East.  [...more...]

Full-HD video compatibility


In order to respond to the demand in broadcasting high resolution video, IQ vision Display is now available with an option that supports the Full-HD video format 1080p.  [...more...]