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IQ vision Display includes the most useful function required to easy operate dynamic digital signage

Internet browser access

Pages et sequences concept

graphics page layout

Page lebel display conditions

Automoatic components:
(weather forecast, road traffic, slideshow...)

Simplified administration

Automatic start and stop

Self training

Passwords access protection

Automatic daily operation

Connect to any computer

Recognized user friendly


An innovative technology dedicated to dynamic digital signage

Based on a micro-linux kernel, this operating system is robust and reliable in comparison to desktop computers. Its integrated design with the TCP/IP network layer provides a shared memory access to store large files such as video or to udpate content automatically.
Its architecture enables the easy building a full broadcasting network based on the same concept as the single display system. Every hardware and software piece is embedded together in a single case making IQ vision Display very easy to install and to maintain.

Images: Size & Resolution

The image size is optimize when the images are loaded. However, when the resoltion is lowerthen 1000x1000 pixels, a full screen size display will not produce the best possible display quality. When using images in presentation, the size of the images should be approximatly in a range of 1280x1280 pixels.


Hints and Tips...

Slideshow : a new image everytime the page is displayed

  • To display a new image from a series everytime the page is broadcasted, the Slideshow component is very easy to use for designing versatile dynamic messages. [+]

Ephemeris : A new word or a new text every day

  • To demonstrate the automatic component feature, this simple ephemeris was built on a spreadsheet. The cell containing the text of the day is automatically updated for display. [+]

Easy meeting schedule management based on spreadsheet

  • IQ vision Display is particularly well designed to broadcast meeting or training schedule information without complex meeting booking management software. [+]

Shared disk space - the iqvtransfer disrectory

  • IQ vision Display includes a shared memory space on hard disk to be used for storage of large files (such as video) or to retrieve backups and archives. [+]